Production Time

by stronged

I pinched a lift off Steve to get out to the Bend yesterday. I’ll be house-sitting my brothers place for the next ten or so days. During this time I hope to accumulate all the necessary footage I will need for a triptych of K-Films (i.e. interviewing residents, capturing video footage of the different elements of the Bend, capturing a soundscape).

As soon as we touched down in the bend I felt a tremendous amount of relief. Despite the exegesis draft deadline creeping up this coming week and the short turnaround time to produce three separate K-Films, I feel much calmer surrounded by this natural landscape rather than the hubbub of the city.


I will need to plan out my weeks methodically as mid-week will bring about a dramatic change in the weather (wind, rain, etc.). Looking out the window today it is magnificent! Sun shining, crimson rosella’s strutting their stuff on the lawn, temperature perfect.

My main grievance at the moment is not having any sound gear at my disposal. The gear that school provides can only be borrowed for a short period of time (a day through the week, or for the weekend). I feel I need access to sound gear for a longer period of time than this to enable me a variety of opportunities to capture the sounds of the BOI.

I might try to borrow an Zoom H4n off a friend instead of going through the university. Borrowing equipment is further complicated by the fact that Honours does not own their own equipment. Instead, we must pilfer off the other programs in the Media and Communications School. This can get quite political, especially if specific equipment is owned by a particular program (i.e. Music Industries owns all of the H4’s). The tech’s become quite anxious whenever I ask to borrow an H4.

I really should have borrowed some sound recording equipment over this weekend to enable me the opportunity to record some sound bytes today. Instead, I will shoot some vines to get me back into the swing of traipsing around the wilderness.

When Steve and I arrived yesterday we bumped into some of my brothers neighbours. They are one of my key contacts to interview and discover the Bend. Life is throwing them some curve balls at the moment so I am not sure whether I will be able to interview either of them about the Bend. Hopefully they will be able to fit me into their busy schedule over the next couple of weeks.

I contacted the community liaison of BICA (Bend of Islands Conservation Association) last night to confirm he received my email about the documentary. He said he had and is happy for me to interview him. That will happen either this afternoon or tomorrow depending on his schedule. Too bad I do not have that sound equipment. My iphone will have to suffice. I have been using DropVox to audio record interviews thus far. The quality isn’t great, but at least it is something to work with.

I gave a past resident of the Bend a call last night also. He seemed quite elderly on the phone so I will need to approach the interview delicately and be sure to assure him he can stop at any time. We’ve planned to meet up tomorrow after lunch to have a quick chat. I am most excited to speak with him as he has written several books about the Bend and the surrounding landscape. My hunch is he’ll be a wealth of knowledge that will provide the vital historical and social context for my project. Fingers crossed!

BICA’s community liaison forwarded my email onto the other members of BICA he believes will be willing to participate. I’ll let that email sink in for a bit before following up with a phone call.

The internet connection out here is quite slow and temperamental which is a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because it will make me focus on writing instead of being distracted with online content. A curse, as it takes a useful research resource away – that I have become dependent upon.

Steve is considering joining me for some of the week to continue our study sessions in the lead up to our draft deadline. It will be good to have some company out here but hopefully not too distracting. I’m looking forward to seeing how the week will shape up.