Spatial Justice

by stronged

This is a great talk by Doreen Massey, introducing the concept of spatial justice/politics. Not particularly a point I will be driving home in my exegesis, but interesting nonetheless. It adds some further context and supporting evidence for how place can be seen as constantly in flux.

Interestingly, Massey believes that “space is as concrete as place” (25.20) rather than simply an empty container to house our thoughts and experiences. She believes that “space is the dimension of multiplicity. If time is the dimension of sequence, things coming after each other, then space is the dimension of contemporaneous existence…The dimension of radical simultaneity.”

She introduces a new word to my vocabulary – coeval – to describe this “radical simultaneity.” A useful term that signifies the simultaneous occurrence of two or more things at the same juncture of time. This helps describe what Massey and Lippard believe place is – an intersection of varying flows and routes of material and immaterial things that create the one event or place.