2nd draft

by stronged

Headache = a continuous pain in the head (Dictionary, version 2.2.1, Apple inc.)

I am trying to listen to my body to gauge the rhythm of my concentration levels to be the most productive researcher I can be. Adrian commented on this in the Media Objects Lab yesterday; write in the morning, work on your project in the afternoon/evening. Understanding my own rhythms of productivity is crucial at this stage of semester where we are two weeks out from submission. I need to be the most productive writer and filmmaker I can be.

I set myself the goal to complete the second draft of the body of my exegesis today but have not been able to. I was hoping I would be able to leave myself a day to edit before submitting the draft to Adrian on Friday but this will not happen now. I am disappointed in myself but at the same time trying to cut myself some slack as I have been working non-stop on my exegesis for over a week now. I am finding it difficult to maintain continuity in such a long piece of writing. I have started making a list of the terminology I introduce in the hope of using it throughout the entire piece.

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I’ve gotten to the stage where I begin to discuss the similarities between music and k-films. Unfortunately I think I’ll have to kiss that section goodbye as I feel it is yet another foreign theoretical framework I have introduced in order to talk about my project. It’s not necessary. But at the same time it is a great way to explain how k-films work – AARRGGHHH!!

Tomorrow will have to be an incredibly productive day as I hope to complete the body of my exegesis, write the intro and conclusion and also troubleshoot batch exporting multiple clips from a Premiere sequence. It’s going to be a busy day. Thankfully I have Simon and Steve to keep me company throughout.