Mapping the themes

by stronged


Good news is I figured out how to batch remove audio from each of my SNU clips today. Through Media Encoder I just changed the presets to exclude the sound and bang, presto, it automatically re-exported my clips without the sound.

I have now started to SNU’ify them in PTB02 (Placing the Bend version 2) with the new keywords Adrian has suggested: Near, Far, People, and the one that acts as connector, water. There are many clips I need to SNU’ify yet as I have been focusing on trying to finish draft two to submit to Adrian tomorrow.

I have been continuing to map out the themes/terms and have finished my first pass of the main body. Now I need to go over it again and tie together these themes throughout the piece, ensuring I have discussed each theoretical point that is relevant to my project. I have marked the points that I have touched upon already with a green highlighter below:

 Evernote Snapshot 20131010 170500

The chronological map of themes/terms is as follows (the green highlighted sections are what needs to be added – building on the interactive doco section):

 Evernote Snapshot 20131010 170501

The word count is now closer to 11,000, which is a huge improvement from my last draft. There is still much to cut out though, and I am hoping that Adrian will be able to guide me as to what points I should expand on and which one’s I need to extract completely. The orange highlighted parts are what I intend to cut out before submission tomorrow. I have also found links between points that I plan to address.

Evernote Snapshot 20131010 170502

I was hoping to have a rough intro and conclusion done by today but unfortunately this will need to wait. I feel the body of my exegesis still requires a great deal of work to provide clearer continuity and concise discussions.