Honours Subjects

Media Objects

Lab is intended to critically investigate what sorts of ‘objects’ media, communication and design creates, and what sort of things these might be. The lab will investigate way to critically think about these objets and what sorts of properties they have. The aim of the lab is to question our assumptions about media, communication and design by trying to think of them as things in their own right, wondering what sorts of agency that may have, and then he types of relations we and our institutions have with these objects.

Media and Communication Futures

This course is designed to focus on the socially embedded and materially embodied ways in which people use media and communication technologies. The course assists you to locate your uses of media and communication within an interdisciplinary context, as you explore what these technologies are, how they have been and are being assembled, and how they are and have been of consequence.

Research Strategies

Research Strategies provides you with training in the principal methods of practice-based research in the design and creative arts areas.